Wedding Cakes & More

Experience & Artistry

We are here to put your mind at ease and to take you on the wonderful journey of creating your dream wedding cake. We have years of experience and knowledge to guide you and the creative artistry to create a cake that showcases you, the wedding couple.

Did we mention our cakes and desserts are mouthwatering delicious? We use only premium ingredients, and can customize any flavor. Want lavender flavored icing? You got it! Prosecco Champagne cake? Easy peasy. 

When it comes to design we have created cakes from rustic to modern glam and everything in between.  We have rose gold metallics and diamond bling wraps, sugar pearls and custom fondant figures. Not only do we know our stuff, we love to make it!

Cake 101 - What you should know

The more you know how a wedding cake is made and stacked, the easier it is for you to create a cake with the design elements you want. 

This quick guide will give you all the info you'll need to bake and decorate your own cake....well okay that's our job. But you will learn exactly what your cake will consist of and what your hard earned dollars are paying for!

Complimentary Cake Tastings

You + 1

Book a complimentary cake tasting and consultation for up to two adults and explore our delicious flavors. We have a non-traditional approach to our tastings. Cakes, fillings and icings are served separately so that you can mix and match and customize your own flavors. Not only is it delicious, it's fun!

The second half of the appointment is the consultation where we will explore your design concepts. We will also go over the details for a successful cake creation from design to delivery. You will then receive a quote that is valid for 30 days.  Call us at (505) 255-5370 or book online using the link below. 

Please note that while cake tastings are complimentary we do have a 24 hour no show and late cancellation fee of $24.00 therefore we do require a credit card to reserve your appointment. Cake tasting appointments are not confirmed until secured with a credit card. Thank you for your understanding.  

*Allergy Notice: Please be advised that our products may contain or may have come in contact with peanuts, tree nuts, soy, milk, eggs, and wheat. 

Price List

Cake Tasting Policy

It's All About You!

1. Cake tastings are prepared to accommodate up to two adults.  Please do not bring additional guests or children under the age of 12. While awkward, we will kindly ask to reschedule with a tasting fee applied. Tastings and consultations are designed to cater to the couple with our full attention, free from distractions. It's all about you!

2. Please refrain from making phone calls, texting, video or call conferencing during the tasting. We appreciate that you are excited to discuss details with a loved one however we want to maximize the limited time we have and ensure we don't run over into the next appointment.

3. To avoid the $24 tasting fee for no shows or late cancellations, please notify us 24 hrs in advance if you are unable to attend. We understand things happen, just give us a call.

4. Please arrive to your specially prepared tasting on time. We usually have multiple appointments scheduled for the day. We may ask to reschedule with a tasting fee applied if more than 15 minutes late. Trust us, you won't want to miss out on delicious cake!

5. HAVE FUN! Enjoy the time spent with your loved one while creating your dream cake! 


Cake Tastings To Go!

Can't make it in? Want to share? No problem!

We understand that you're busy, or your partner can't get off work, or maybe you want to have a tasting party! You can purchase a Tasting To Go for $24.00 and get the same tasting we offer in house.  Please order 24 hours in advance.

What's included:

6 cake flavors (vanilla, chocolate, lemon, italian cream, red velvet and almond)

8 filling flavors (raspberry, blueberry, apricot, strawberry, cherry, cannoli cream, bavarian cream, lemon)

5 icing flavors (vanilla buttercream, chocolate buttercream,  Italian buttercream, cream cheese and      


*Allergy Notice: Please be advised that our products may contain or may have come in contact with peanuts, tree nuts, soy, milk, eggs, and wheat.